Friday, May 5, 2017

'We Are All Branches of the Same Tree" - Global Murmurs Art

"We Are All Branches Of The Same Tree". Just completed and will be submitted for acceptance into a show called "Global Murmurs" ( in Rochester, NY later this year. The prospectus statement says "Global Murmurs invites you to explore the subtle and ever present concerns, joys and curiosities of humankind so often influenced by cultural and national boundaries. It is an expression of the hopes, dreams and despairs of our global community; perhaps a pathway to better understanding. " I saw this quote and it rang true for me as we are facing so much divisiveness right now....why can't we all just get along? Since I love to do birch trees this was an easy subject to ponder. The trees are made of 4 different fabrics and quilted for texture with variegated threads. The background - which was the hardest all branches, depicting the many millions of us represented in the two stronger branches, of different colors.

Linking to Nina Marie Sayre's Off the Wall Friday blog".....because I've never done that before.  

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Quilt Show Winner.....excited and humbled,

"Triptych...the Leaves of Florida" is a winner in the recent Mancuso Tri-State Quiltfest in New Jersey.   Sadly I couldn't get there to see it.   I am still surprised and humbled when I see a quilt of mine doing well.   

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

When all you can do is to make art.....then make art!

Troubling times - no matter which side of the debate you are on - often frustrates us when we wish there was more we could do.   The recent ban on immigration is troubling to me.   Inspired by an artist FB friend, I decided to make an art quilt representative of my feelings.   It was quick and practically made itself.    I wish I could do more!    Based on the poem by Emma Lazarus....

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Challenge Reveal

Saturday was our annual challenge reveal at guild.   This year's theme was "Bars".    Anytime, anyway, anyhow you wanted to depict them.    Members showed their challenge at the meeting and now they will be hung at the Richmond Library in Batavia from February 1-28.

Of course my first thought was "Bars of Music"!   

This is a giant log cabin block - using all music themed fabrics.   I called it "Piano Bar"

Since we were allowed 2 entries, I decided to do a second one.    I had a FQ pack of modern fabrics I had purchased a couple years ago in Florida.    My goal was to use bars.    I wanted them to look woven which took a bit of planning and I wanted some white space to do more quilting.   In the end I had about 2 inches left of each of the fabrics and about a 5 x 7 inch piece of the white.    Of course that would partly be because I had to redo a couple of ideas.   My other theme I adapted to go with "bars" was diamonds - 60 inch angle diamonds.   

I learned a few things which is always good for a challenge.   Since both were original, I had to draft my own pattern ideas.   Some of the fabric was loosely woven and raveled, so I had to figure some ways to applique and make sure the edges didn't fray.  Quilting on the white was a challenge as I don't like to mark on my quilts.   I thought I could do the center with a walking foot......not motion was a little more difficult.  

Friday, January 20, 2017


This week our photography challenge was "Contemplative".    I had all sorts of intentions of going out and finding the perfect view - the hills, the mountains, the river etc.   However, a "shot to the knee" forced me closer to home.    This is the photo I chose.

What am I looking at here and contemplating.....what do I see?   First of all, I am looking at an old decaying tree trunk in my backyard.  I am contemplating all the rings, all the different colored areas...some light, some dark yet I still see the structure of rings!  What I see can be applied personally or to our world in general.   We all have that bright light within us.    It radiates out into our world and our connections with other people and life in general.   Sometimes we go through dark periods and emerge, sometimes not.  Sometimes our light is sharp and defined - other times a bit blurry.    Yet our structure and purpose (rings) is still visible if we but look.

These are my "also ran"!    I almost chose the fence - then the tree.    The mossy stepping stone I just liked!

Here is my fence - with one slat out of place.   Contemplating all the perfectly straight boards and in place.....yet, the one who dares to be different. 

 This looks like a lost city to me.....

My Japanese Maple Tree - again on the theme of no matter how we branch out - we are all connected.    Some of us venture far - others stay close to the trunk!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Photo Class - favorite Photo

This week's assignment was to post a favorite photo we had taken - from any - ALL YEAR!    Do you know how hard that is?   I finally just picked.   The first one is the one I submitted....taken of an old bridge near us one summer evening near sunset.  Some adjustments in Lightroom really perked up the color.   The second photo is the same bridge - different angle!..

Some other fun ones and favorites - too many to choose from!

Kitchen Challenge

Panorama Planet

Panorama Reverse Planet

Radial Symmetry

Radial Symmetry

Shutter Zoom in Bermuda

No specific challenge - U just like it!

Mirror Montage

Monday, December 26, 2016

I'm Back........

Wow, in looking at my blog, I have been rather negligent this year.    I will try to do better next year.    Most everything is the same.....I am still quilting, gardening (in the summer), playing with photography and being active with my music.

I have almost completed the Ricky Tims 1st year photography course.    I have learned a lot about my camera and about photoshop and composition and many other techniques.  In November we went to Williamsburg and 600 some photos later, I'm still sorting out and playing with some of them.  Here is one I just did this morning.  The original is a photo of a window in the Capitol building.   If you look closely you can see it either as a recessed window - or a window on top of a gold circle that protrudes from the wall.   An optical illusion......    The second photo is playing with some highlights, shadows and mirror montage!

I have also been quilting up a storm, but can't show all of them here as they are either for challenges yet to happen, or going to some shows and so am not showing yet, until accepted.

The first one here was for a RAFA (Rochester Area Fiber Artists).  Last year we exchanged bags of goodies at Christmas and we had a year to complete something using all or most of the things in the bag.   My bag contained several purple fabrics and a couple tubes of purple beads.   Between the quilt top and the backing,  I used everything.  This is also a statement on the denial of climate change by too many people!

I have also started a series on "Doors and Windows".    Here are the first works completed earlier this year.....much more on tap.

Too many business have closed.   This building has been taken over by artists!

 Photographed at a church nearby in my photography assignment for "Abandoned".   I printed the photo (center part) onto fabric and added other fabric to continue the idea of the wooden door.

Another abandoned building - cheesecloth curtain in the window and lower corner, and greenery growing out of a pile of rocks.

Friday, September 16, 2016

One month and counting......

Our Museum Quilt Guild Show is rapidly approaching!   We are down to the final month.....please mark your calendars. Approximately 200 quilts, raffle baskets, silent auction, vendors, silent auction, boutique......and much, much more.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Old Paint.....

Sounds like a song I know.....

Anyway that is the title of the photography lesson for this week!   Take a photo of "old or peeling" paint and use any technique we have learned to enhance or create something totally different!    I did both and had a hard time picking a favorite.

In the end, this is the one I chose to enter.    It is the peak of an old church that caught the evening sun.   I then duplicated the layer, flipped it horizontally and vertically and merged them.   Some exposure and saturation adjustments and VOILA!    Something Abstract!

The following ones are my "also ran" was hard to pick a favorite this week!

From the same church....manipulated color and merged with a face painted on an old bridge nearby.    Rather a "ghostly" effect!

I'm not sure what this piping was, but to me it looked like a rusty trombone!

Weathered and peeling boards - from the above mentioned bridge.   Duplicated and mirror-montaged!

From the culvert near that bridge - there was much spray paint graffiti.    I found this color painting and the word cupcake spray painted down the way.   Two photos merged together as I thought the colored one looked like a yummy cupcake!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Radial Symmetry in Photography Lesson

This week's Ricky Tim's photography class was on Radial Symmetry.   I found several I could use - these were the front runners!

This is the one I ultimately chose.   No real center, but certainly I just liked it!

This was the other one I was thinking about.   It never fails, once I upload one, I wish I had chosen the other!

Hydrangea from top of bloom

Hydrangea bloom

Tires on my husband's Prius.   Did some vignetting in the corners. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Triptych-the Leaves of Florida is AQS winner

WOW!!!!  I am so honored and so humbled to learn that my quilt won first place in the wall quilt-fiber art category!    If you scroll down a couple of posts you can read more about it!   This AQS show is being held in Syracuse, NY this week.     Congratulations to all the winners!!!!


Sunday, July 24, 2016

Another photo to fabric...waterlily quilt.

I love Waterlilies, I love photographing Waterlilies, and I love having my photos printed on fabric for me to quilt.

This is my latest waterlily quilt....from a photo taken by me at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square near Philadelphia, PA.   If you've never been simply must go.    I took this photo last year, and as I usually do, I sent it to Julie Brandon of Red-Dog Enterprises,  to print onto fabric.  I added a couple of fabrics, but mostly it is quilted as add dimension and color!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Quilt traveling again.....

My quilt "Triptych....the Leaves of Florida" has been juried into the next AQS show to be held in Syracuse, NY.   The quilt is a closeup of 3 different leaves in Silver Springs and Crystal River in Florida.   I had them printed onto fabric by Julie Brandon of Red-Dog Enterprises.   I then quilted with variegated threads matching the grain and veinage of the leaves.  Most recently this quilt was juried into the Digital Alchemy exhibit hosted by Jane Dunnewold in Houston last fall.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Mirror Montage

'Some day I may even get back to quilting.....but I am having too much fun with the Ricky Tims Photography Class and this week was the best yet.    The assignment was "Mirror Montage".    I practiced on a couple of older photos which I loved, but we are not supposed to use old photos. 
 This was the original photo of a birch tree in the neighborhood.
Mirror Montage turned it into a voodoo type mask.  

Then I did this lotus flower from Longwood Gardens that I took last summer.

I like how this looks like a flower in a glass bowl.

Then I went to town around the yard and house....and some along a nearby canal. 
 This was a single lilac blossom - now a butterfly or ninja warrior.   This is the one I submitted.

This next one was my second favorite....actually my favorite but some blurriness in the blossoms means either I moved, or the tree did.  

Budding Redbud Tree at the "Golden Hour"

 The base trunk of a Dogwood Tree

 My dried Sunflower and Bamboo Sticks
 A Windchime on the front porch.

Solomon's Seal plant next to the fence. 

 This is the same birch tree - a few months later - no voodoo mask

 The Bridge over the canal.

Some rust under the bridge.